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28.05.2015 9:16 in :

TOULON: Qatar is well prepared’ for the Toulon International
Tournament, national team coach Fahad Thani said as the squad
underwent its first team training in Toulon.

The Toulon Tournament is a football tournament which traditionally
features invited national teams composed of under-20 players.
This year’s edition will commence from May 27 until June 7.

Qatar will also train on Thursday, team officials said on Wednesday.
On Wednesday, only Musab Al-Khader, Saleh Al Yazidi and Ali Mohammed
missed the training session.

The first training session kicked off at 10 in the morning.

The squad is expected to watch France take on the United States in the
event’s opening match.

China, Costa Rica, England, France, the Netherlands, Ivory Coast,
Mexico, Morocco, Qatar
and the United States will feature at this year’s event.

Squad: Nasser Saleh Khalfan, Ali Ahmed Qadri, Abdel Nasser, Shaheen
Ghanim Al Kuwari, Hilal Mohamed, Ahmed Alaa El Din, Mohammed Aladdin,
Abdul Rahman Al Karbi, Musab Al-Khader, Bader Saleh, Ali Allob, Abdul
Rahman al-Harazi, Abdul Aziz Sharif, Ahmed Fathi, Majid Mahfooz,
Othman Alawi, Hudhaifah Yahya, Yusuf Al-Kubaisi, Awad Ali, Ali
Mohammed Bazdeman, Ahmed Fadel.
Coach: Fahad Thani