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RIYADH: Qatar will not be affected by huge fan support for Saudi
Arabia on Wednesday when the Al Anabi boys face the home side in the
Gulf Cup final, assistant coach Sergio Romano said on Tuesday.

Both teams fought off stiff resistant in the semifinals on Sunday with
Qatar beating Oman while Saudi Arabia edged the UAE.

“We are ready and we won’t be affected by any crowd support for the
home,” Romano said on Tuesday. “It will be a difficult game but we
feel ready to go,” he added.

“We know we are playing the home team with both of us wanting to win
the title. Home teams usually have the advantage but that doesn’t stop
you from performing if you are strong and if you can handle pressure,”
he said.

“We have a great desire to win this trophy and delight our fans.” the
assistant coach said.

“We have played some good games in the tournament and we have tested
numerous combinations going into the final. Technically and physically
we are fit and ready to play,” he added.

“We will play the game with full force and concentration. We have
already played with Saudi Arabia in the tournament. We will not change
our style of play that brought us a good win in the semifinals,”
Romano said.

“I would say the players are used to playing in front of partisan
crowds as every home team gets their own support when they play home.
I think being in the final is an incentive for us to do well and win
the game,” he said.

When asked about his rival team; Romano said: “We think about our team
and our players. We don’t think about the rivals and neither do we
give importance to any criticism that may have come our way. Coach
Djamel Belmadi has prepared the players well for this event.”

When his attention was brought to the ‘luck’ factor, Romano smiled and
said: “Every side needs a bit of luck.”

The final will be played at King Fahd International Stadium.