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21.07.2019 6:28 in :

DOHA: Top QFA referees will leave for Tunisia on Saturday for a workshop to be held in Tabarka.

The three-week training camp for top referees will end on August 8.

A group of 52 referees will feature in the training camp that will also include assistant referees.

The participating referees have already passed their fitness tests at Al Arabi Club.

Several European and Asian lecturers will hold fort during the training camp.

During the training camp, the following tasks will be carried out:

1 – Holding theoretical and video lectures
2 – Exercises to raise fitness
3 – Making practical sessions
4 – Lectures in the law of the game in English
5 – Work video tests
6 – Work exercises and practical applications on the application of video technology in the stadium and in the hotel accommodation using the simulation.