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30.08.2016 8:00 in :

TEHRAN, IRAN: Qatar, coached by Daniel Carreno, relaunch their

bid to reach 2018 World Cup finals by facing Iran in a qualifying

match on September 1.

Carreno guided Qatar to 7 consecutive wins in the first phase that

concluded in March this year.

With the game to be played in Tehran, Qatar take on Iran who have

appeared in World Cup finals before.

After taking on Qatar reigns in May 2015, Carreno has transformed

the team results, posting a total of 16 wins in the following 15 months.

Qatar have scored 44 goals while conceding only 14 in the same

period to signal dominance at Asian level.

The positive results have been possible thanks to Carreno’s

aggressive tactics on the pitch with strikers also showing a liking

for goals.

The 52-year-old from Uruguay clearly has made a difference for

the Qatari fans desperately to see their side break new ground in

their bid to reach their World Cup finals for the time.

Qatar squad will leave for Tehran on Thursday for the Asian Zone game

at Azadi Stadium.

Overall Qatar have played 28 teams in their World Cup qualifying

matches in more than two decades. Qatar has played 102 matches.

In August, Qatar has beaten Thailand, Iraq and Jordan in international


Qatar take on Uzbekistan in their next 2018 FIFA World Cup qualifying

match on September 6 in Doha.

Other teams in Qatar’s group include South Korea, China and Syria.