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07.09.2016 7:47 in :

DOHA: As he watched his side suffer another blow to their World

Cup hopes; Qatar coach Daniel Carreno on Tuesday said his team

fought well against Uzbekistan in their 2018 FIFA World Cup qualifying

game but missed chances to score.

“It is a disappointing defeat as we lost in the last minutes of the match,

as was the case in the first match,” said Qatar coach Jose Daniel Carreno.

“We tried our best to have a good performance but we were not lucky

and we couldn’t score from the chances that we created.

“We tried our best to prepare the players mentally and physically

before the match but we didn’t have as a good a performance as we

expected. I hope that we can make a good comeback in the next

matches in the qualifiers.”

Uzbekistan won with a late goal by Egor Krimets in the 86th minute

at Jassim Bin Hamad Stadium.

“We entered the match of wining the game,” Carreno said during

a press conference.

“We wanted to take advantage and score goals. We got many

opportunities but we did not take them,” he said.

“We can still come back back and fight in the coming games,” he


“We still have fight remaining. We just have to be positive all the

way,” he said.

He said chief striker Sebastian Soria did not get many chances

to score.

Carreno said an under-performing ‎midfield prevented the strikers

from playing freely.

Carreno also said that Qatar players were coming off from an

off-season and that impacted the results in the last two games

of intensity.

“We must continue to move forward,” he said.