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BAGHDAD: His Excellency the Speaker of the Iraqi Council of Representatives Dr. Salim Al-Jubouri received a sport delegation headed by Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa bin Ahmed Al-Thani, President of the QFA, on Thursday.

Al-Jubouri said: “We are happy to be among your presence in Iraq. We are thankful for this gesture from Qatar and we hope this visit will pave way for more visits in the field of sports in the future.”

He added: “Iraq clearly wishes to be part of the international and regional sports activities. We aspire to be successful in sports participation at every level.”

The President of the House of Representatives said Iraq has been making rapid strides in developing its sports teams. He praised Qatar’s role in assisting Iraq boost its sports activities at every level.

“We are aware that sport is the closest way to bring people together, including the sons of the Arab world who have many connections. We hope that we will witness the growth of sports in Iraq at the level that it aspires to,” he said.

“And we are aware of the value of sport and the great support it enjoys because it has a deep connection to a community and its positive impact. I will soon visit Qatar to strengthen brotherly relations between the two countries,” he added.

A Qatari sports delegation will be the first to play in Baghdad, he said.

“Our stadiums have been and are still open,” he said.

“We will take care to work to lift the ban on the Iraqi football and stadiums through our efforts and the relations we have with FIFA,” he said.

After the Qatari delegation ended the meeting, the Speaker of the House of Representatives held a joint meeting with the Iraqi Minister of Youth and Sports Abdul Hussein Abtan, the head of the Iraqi Olympic Committee Raad Hamoudi and Abdul-Khaliq Massoud, president of the Iraqi Football Federation.

During the meeting, the officials touched on a lot of topics related to the MoU recently signed between the two sides.

The Iraqi minister appreciated the Qatari interest in the development of Iraqi sport,

saying Iraq remains committed to developing sports in general and football in particular.

The officials also welcomed the idea of hosting development directors from QFA visiting Iraq in the future to extend help in building a solid foundation at the grassroots level.

The home minister said that Iraq has a lot of sports facilities and stadiums.

“We need good professionals to beef up  security around the stadiums. The President of QFA has stressed the importance of coordination in this matter between the two sides, especially those in the delegation concerned about security,” he said.