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31.08.2016 1:10 in :

TEHRAN, IRAN: Qatar squad has reached Tehran in a chartered

flight for Thursday’s 2018 FIFA World Cup qualifier against hosts


The Qatar squad – headed by coach Daniel Carreno – will hit

the training pitch on Wednesday at Azadi Stadium in for the

pre-match training session, details have revealed.

Qatar take on Iran on September 1 in their opening match of the

third round of 2018 FIFA World Cup Asian zone qualification.

Qatar, who prepared for this match by playing four friendlies

in August, led their group in the second round with 21 points

following seven successive wins before eventually losing to

China in a formality game.

After the game, Qatar will head back to Doha to host Uzbekistan

on September 6.

Squad: Saad Al Sheeb, Mohammed Kasola, Ismael Mohammed

Bualem Khoukhi, Ahmed Abdelmaksood, Pedro Miguel, Omar

Bari, Mohammed Musa, Abdulkareem Hassan, Khalid Muftah,

Kareem Buodiaf, Moiz Ali, Luiz Martin, Ali Asad, Abdulrehman

Mohammed, Hassan Al Haydos, Rodrigo Tabata, Akram Afif,

Lekomt Amin, Sebastian Soria, Meshal Abdullah, Ahmed Yasir

and Abdullah Tresor.

Coach: Daniel Carreno