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30.12.2014 3:40 in :

Manama, Bahrain: The draw for the gulf championship for national Olympic teams was made today in Bahrain where six teams from across the Arabian gulf have participated in the draw and are set to compete from 16th January 2015 untilthe 26th of the same month.

Group A of the championship includes Qatar, Kuwait, and United Arab Emirates. Group B includes hosts Bahrain, SaudiArabia, and Oman.

The opening match will take place on 16th January, where hosts Bahrain will take on Saudi Arabia, while Qatar playKuwait on January 18.

Squad: Ali Qaderi, Satea Abbasi, Ahmed Alaa, Mohammed Alaa, Abdulrahman alKurbi, Musab Khidr, Mohanad Naiem,Othman Yahri, Abdulrahman Rasheedi, Saud Khloaqi, Ali Awad, Ali Mohammed, Nasser Saleh, Ahmed Yassir, AhmedFadel, Hilal Mohammed, Abdulrahman Al Kharazi, Ali Abdullah, Ahmd Fathi, Aziz Shareef and Fahad Younis.

Coach: Fahad Thani