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05.10.2016 19:38 in :

SUWON: Qatar’s midfielder Ali Afif on Wednesday said his team
is ready for the ‘big fight’ against hosts Korea in a 2018 FIFA World
Cup qualifying game on Wednesday.

The game will be played at Suwon World Cup Stadium with kick off
slated for 2pm Qatar Standard Time.

“It will be a tough match against a strong side. But we are ready for
the big fight,” he said on Wednesday. “Like our coach said, they are
one of the best sides in Asia. They have skillful players”.

“But we have the right focus for this game. God Willing, we will do
well. We aim to fight the entire game,” he said.

“We haven’t come this great distance just to play a game. We have come
to perform to the best of our abilities,” Afif said.

“We respect the opposition but at the same time, we are very confident
of getting three points,” he said.