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In collaboration with the Asian Football Confederation (AFC), the Development Department of the Qatar Football Association (QFA) held on Thursday 2nd November, 2017 the closing ceremony of the AFC level B football coaching workshop which was organised from 4th October, 2017 to 8th November, 2017.

The ceremony took place in Jassim bin Hamad Stadium (Al Sadd Stadium) and was attended by Fahad Thani Al Zaraa, Director of the Development Department at QFA, Saeed Al Misnad, Technical Advisor at the Development Department at QFA, Ali Faraj Al Ghanem, Sports Director at Al Sadd Sports Club.
The AFC accredited instructor of the course was Captain Abdulkader Al Mugaisib, who was assisted by Captain Abdulrahman Saeed.

Commenting at occasion, Fahad Thani, Director of Development Department at the QFA said: “We at the QFA believe in the importance of developing our coaches through such workshops since coaches are an essential element in the overall football development strategy. The course was rich theoretically and practically as it involved the participation of a selection of Arab football stars who have international experience such as Captain Mohamed Abu Trika and Captain Wael Gomaa. The coaches gained theoretical and practical knowledge from going through materials offered at the workshop and from exchange of expertise amongst them. The exchange of experience at the course contributes effectively to the overall development of the coaches’ abilities and capabilities.”

Fahad Thani praised the fruitful cooperation between the AFC and QFA which aims to educate coaches in advanced techniques and skills of the game, and to help them develop a better understanding of individual or groups of players and tactics. He also expressed his thanks and appreciation to the AFC for supervising the course delivery and Abdulkader Al Mugaisib, the AFC accredited lecturer and Captain Abdulrahman Saeed, AFC accredited assistant lecturer for their efforts in assisting to help advance the level of the coaches through the transfer of their practical and theoretical experiences and knowledge to the coaches.

The course was attended by 22 coaches including Arab football stars Captain Mohammed Abu Trika and Captain Wael Gomaa in addition to Captain Younis Ali who delivered a speech on the important role these training courses have on developing their theoretical and practical skills and abilities, and how being former players gives them an added value given the experience they gained during their playing careers.

The coaches were given a certificate at the end of the workshop during the closing ceremony following the course.