QFA announces names of international badge nominees

DOHA: The Refereeing Committee of the Qatar Football Association
(QFA) has announced the names of referees and assistants who have
been nominated to feature on the 2019 international list.

The nominations came in light of the technical and physical level
presented by these referees last season, QFA said.

Referees: Khamis Mohammed Al-Marri, Khamis Mohammed A-Kuwari,
Abdul Rahman Ibrahim Al-Jassim, Saud Ali Al-Nubah, Salman Ahmad Falahi,
Abdullah Ali Al-Marri and Mohammed Ahmad al-Shammari.

Assistant referees: Ramzan Saeed Al-Ramani, Talem Salem Al-Marri,
Jumaa Mohammed Borshid, Saud Ahmad Al-Maqaleh, Yousef Aref Al-Shammari,
Mohammad Jaber Arman, and Zahi Sind Al Shammari.

Futsal referee: Faisal Abdullah Al Abdullah.

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