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Doha: The Qatar Football Association held a press conference on Saturday to announce its promotional campaign to support the national team for the 2022 World Cup, with various activities and events for fans, in cooperation with the QFA’s main partners, and official sponsors of Al Annabi.

The press conference was held at the Bin Jelmoud House in Msheireb Downtown Doha, and it was attended by Khaled Mubarak Al-Kuwari, Director of Marketing and Communications Department of the Qatar Football Association, Ali Hassan Al-Salat, Head of the Communications Department of the QFA, along with a group of officials from partners and sponsors, led by Dr. Hafez Ali, Director of Marketing and Communications at Msheireb Properties, Jamal Al-Nahdi, CEO of Al-Nahdi Group, and Jaber Al-Mansour, social investment strategist at Qatar Shell, and representatives of various media outlets.

Khaled Al-Kuwari: Various events and new content on the social media platforms of the QFA to connect with our fans

At the outset, Khaled Al-Kuwari welcomed the attendees, and explained that the upcoming period will witness the activation of the promotional campaign to support our national team in the 2022 World Cup, with the launch of various events and recreational activities for fans, in addition to new content provided by the QFA through its various social media platforms.

“We are expected to witness an exciting interaction with this campaign from our loyal fans, who will be up to the task and show their support for the national team, as we are used to seeing in previous events. We hope they will enjoy the various events that will be presented to them in cooperation with our main sponsors and supporting partners.”

The Director of Marketing and Communications also took the opportunity to thank the main sponsors and partners of the QFA and supporters of Al Annabi from various bodies, companies and institutions.

He also singled out Qatar Shell, Msheireb Properties and Al-Nahdi Group for their support, saying: “They have put in great efforts in continuously providing their support, with their fruitful and constructive cooperation over the years with the QFA, which we are now reaping through this new and unique partnership before the start of the 2022 World Cup.”

The launch of the QFA account on Snapchat

Al-Kuwari also described the details of the marketing campaign that has been launched under the slogans “For the love of Qatar” and “Make us stronger with your cheering” on social media.

In addition to the above, the QFA has also kickstarted its account on Snapchat, and Al-Kuwari said: “We are launching our account on Snapchat, because we are always working on new ideas and striving to create unique content in a modern manner. We are constantly looking for various options in social media, which will give us different ways of providing our content and also develop the content that we offer to various segments of our community.”

“This ensures that our communication channels reach everyone and we are able to provide content on our national team to a wider audience.”

He continued by saying: “The campaign will include a lot of events that will be of interest to the fans, and have been specially prepared for them. Among them are the car decoration initiative, which will be organised at Lusail in cooperation with Al-Nahdi Group in the month of November, offering discount coupons to decorate cars.”

“We also take this opportunity to invite Qatari fans to decorate their homes and support the “Zeina” initiative launched by Ashghal. We will also distribute gifts to fans in different places in the country in October, and we will announce their locations later.”

Speaking about the national team’s new kit, the Director of Marketing and Communications said, “The team’s kit has been launched in maroon and white colors, which symbolize the Qatari identity and our authentic heritage. The shirts will soon be available at Nike stores and QFA sale outlets.”

Dr. Hafez Ali: The QFA’s activities in Msheireb are an opportunity for all fans to enjoy the World Cup atmosphere at the highest level

For his part, Dr. Hafez Ali, Head of Marketing and Communications Department at Msheireb Properties, stressed that this cooperation with the Qatar Football Association is not new, but was preceded by many other excellent previous events, and stated that the coming period will witness various events organised for Qatari fans in the ‘Company House’ sponsored by Qatar Shell.

“This will be a great occasion for Qatari fans, citizens and residents alike, and visitors from all over the world to enjoy these events, which will take place in November 2022, just prior to the World Cup.”

He added: “The fans of our national team are set to experience some unique events – which are being held for the first time – in cooperation with the Qatar Football Association and Qatar Shell, and we have had a lot of coordination and fruitful meetings in this regard, in order to reach a formula for cooperation between us.”

“This partnership is the first of its kind, and we aspire to continue this cooperation with the Qatar Football Association, in appreciation of their marketing and media efforts in all the tournaments in which our national team participates, whether inside or outside Qatar.”

He further explained: “The origins of the pioneers of the Company House go back to the Qatari city of Dukhan, the city that witnessed the launch of football in the State of Qatar, in addition to highlighting the heritage district as an important tourist destination in the heart of Doha and a major center for introducing Qatari culture and history to all the fans who will come here for the World Cup.”

“These symbolic events will celebrate our national team, its football history and its achievements, which now culminate in its first participation in the World Cup finals, and the organisation of the tournament by the State of Qatar for the first time in the Middle East and the Arab region.”

Jaber Al-Mansour: We are always happy to support the QFA and Al Annabi, we invite the Qatari fans to enjoy the activities at Msheireb and Lusail

For his part, Jaber Al-Mansour, social investment strategist at Qatar Shell, explained that the partnership between the Qatar Football Association and Qatar Shell, the main and leading sponsor of the QFA and the Qatari national team, provides the ideal model for what should be successful partnerships.

“It is not only a commercial and marketing relationship; rather, it goes beyond that by representing a strategic relationship at various levels, and Qatar Shell will continue its fruitful partnership with the Qatar Football Association and its continuous support for our national teams, in various ways.”

“Especially at the level of social responsibility, we aim to motivate large segments of society to increase participation in these various programmes, and we want to continue this close cooperation, between the two parties, who have had close relations for years, which has resulted in remarkable successes through many initiatives.”

He added: “Our sponsorship of the Qatar Football Association and the national team is being manifested in a major celebration of the international football family, with the participation of fans from all over the world in a wonderful event that will be appreciated by everyone.”

“It is expected that records will be broken in terms of the number of spectators, especially as the 2022 World Cup marks Al-Annabi’s first participation, and it comes as the culmination of a long and distinguished journey of an effective partnership between Qatar Shell and Qatar Football Association.”

“Qatar Shell has been the leading supporter of the Qatar Football Association, national teams and the Amir Cup for years, particularly with the sponsorship for the national team – which has achieved remarkable successes, the most important of which is winning the 2019 AFC Asian Cup, and also the bronze at the 2021 FIFA Arab Cup.”

Jamal Al-Nahdi: We are proud to cooperate with the Qatar Football Association, and we will start decorating cars in November of this year

Meanwhile, Jamal Al-Nahdi, CEO of Al-Nahdi Group, said: “Our partnership with the Qatar Football Association comes within the framework of our support for the national team, ahead of its first FIFA World Cup participation at Qatar 2022, which is something that we are proud of and the least we can offer to the national team, and the loyal and passionate fans of Al Annabi who love football and deserve all our appreciation and attention.”

“We will be providing a lot of services in appreciation of the fans’ endless support for our national teams.”

Al-Nahdi went on to state that several options that will be offered to the fans, including decorating cars according to the conditions set by the Traffic Department. This service is available in all Nahdi branches, in addition to the Lusail event, which will be launched on November 15.

Fans who install stickers containing pictures of the national team players and the flag of the State of Qatar, on their cars, will receive gift coupons.

The CEO of Al-Nahdi Group concluded by explaining the details of the initiative in accordance with the terms and conditions, which are:

Car Decoration Initiative Details

– Gift coupon for Al-Annabi fans.

– A gift coupon of 150 riyals for installing stickers worth 750 riyals.

– A gift coupon of 200 riyals for installing stickers worth 1,000 riyals.

– A gift coupon of 500 riyals for installing stickers worth 2000 riyals.

– A gift coupon of 750 riyals for installing stickers worth 3,000 riyals.

– A gift coupon of 1,000 riyals for installing stickers worth 4,500 riyals.

Terms and Conditions

– The coupon is spent on thermal insulation services only.

– The coupon is to be brought along with the sticker installation invoice.

– The coupon is not sold and the coupon value is not refundable for cash.

– The coupon is valid for one month from the date of the sticker installation.

Traffic Department conditions

1. No infringement on the windshield.
2. No changing of the vehicle’s colour.
3. Do not blur the numbers on the front.