QFA announces schedule of second division matches

DOHA: The Qatar Football Association (QFA) has announced

the schedule of the second division matches.

Al-Shahaniya, Mesaimeer, Al-Shamal, Muaither and Al Wakra

are the teams involved.


In the first round, Al-Shahaniya will take on Mesaimeer at

Saud Bin Abdul Rahman Stadium at Al-Wakra Club.

Al-Shamal will play with Muaither at Al-Sailiya Stadium.

In the second-round matches, to be played on September

27 at Al-Sailiya Stadium where Al-Shahaniya will meet

Al Shamal.


Al-Wakra will meet Muaither at Saud bin Abdul Rahman

Stadium at Al Wakra Club.


In the fourth round, which will be held on October 25, Muaither

will meet with Al Shahaniya at Saud Bin Abdul Rahman

Stadium while Al Wakra play Al-Wakra at the same venue.


On the first of November, Al Shahaniya will play Al Wakra

while Muaither battle Mesaimeer at Al Wakra Stadium.

Each round of the second division has only two matches, with

five teams participating in the tournament, which means

that one of the teams has a break from playing every week.

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