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DOHA: The Qatar Football Association (QFA) and Shell Qatar arranged for special activities over the weekend to mark the return of the children ahead of opening of school following long summer break.

The week’s “Back To School” activities took place at Doha Festival City (DFC) where parents and schoolchildren arrived in large numbers as it is still Eid break in the country.

The QFA and Shell Qatar have teamed up to extend their partnership in social responsibility, a sector that QFA deeply cares about.

The latest partnership will look into all activities that take place in the 2018-19 football calendar.

The weekend’s activities took place on August 23 and 24.

A huge crowd turnout saw the schoolchildren making the two-day program an exciting one.

Ali Al Hassan, Head of Communication at QFA, said: “We are very pleased with the organization of this event, which targets a large segment of society mainly children and students. With the schools such as the “Koora Time” program, the “Friends of the QFA in Schools” as well as the “School League” competitions, we are pleased to say our contribution in social responsibility is making massive inroads for kids to get involved in healthy activities.”

He added: “The weekend’s activities underscores the role of the Qatar Football Association in the local community and enhances community partnership with school students in order to create a football-loving generation. These events are at the heart of the QFA’s endeavour to link football in the kids’ everyday life.”

QFA has long established it’s desire to link football with healthy living among schoolkids.

“The QFA is working to connect families with football as part of the promotion of the concept of football for all. This stems from the Vision 2021 which we seek to implement through targeted programs,” the official said.

“We have organized this program in partnership with Shell Qatar and we are working to create a football-loving generation. It is a fruitful harvest of a successful relationship that has spanned years of outstanding work and partnership between Shell and Qatar.

“What we saw over the weekend was a great turnout of families and children at the Doha Festival City. It was a fantastic gathering,” he added.

“QFA understands that schools provide for a platform that could easily increase the young player base in the country. Our creative programs are tailored to attract young kids to the game. We know the kids are always eager to know what’s new on the agenda,” he added.

“We have have a lot of diverse programs for the kids throughout the season,” he said.

The return-to-school activities included training in football skills, correction on the wall of numbers and other skill activities, as well as coloring activities. Gifts were distributed among the kids.

The QFA and Shell Qatar plan to engage the schoolkids at more programs in the coming weeks and months. With the participation numbers of schoolchildren moving upwards, more programs are expected to be scheduled.