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DOHA: Qatar Football Association, Al Noor institute for the Blind, Dhreima, Islamic Museum in addition to a number of QFA partners joined hands to host a joint celebration for Qatar National Day.

Players all over the country recited the national anthem in all of the younger leagues matches held on Monday and Tuesday.

The day begun with gift boxes handed commemorating the occasion to all of QFA staff.

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Top QFA officials made an appearance at Al Rashad School where a lavishly decorated ceremony which paired students and families. QFA Director of Media and Communication, Khalid Al Kuwari said “Today, we move into another new and great year for the State of Qatar. Qatar National Day is a day to be celebrated by all residents of Qatar and it is a celebration of pride for the country and its history. I welcome everyone to come and celebrate the festivities here at the joint celebrations.”

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He then added, “The Qatar Football Association is extremely proud of the country’s incredible journey to become one of the world’s most recognized nations. We praise Qatar’s leaders for their dedication in upholding the country’s vision. Qatar’s aviation sector is at the helm of Qatar’s rapid development and we are honored to join hands to mark this auspicious day.”