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DOHA: The Qatar Football Association (QFA) has successfully conducted an AFC-sanctioned Level A coaching course.

Fahd Thani, Director of Development at QFA, attended the concluding ceremony along with Mohammed Al Hashmi, Strategic Planning Expert of the Development Department.

Badr Abdul Jalil, an accredited lecturer from AFC, oversaw the presentation of theoretical and practical courses during the workshop along with assistant lecturer Abdul Qader Al-Mughaseeb.

“Today is a great day for all of us who want to further their careers as coaches and those who seek improvement in what they do,” Thani said in his closing remarks.

“The coaching area is crucial for the game’s development the right way,” Thani added. “We are thrilled to be part of such a course where experts have come in from far and wide,” he said.

Former players Sayed Al-Bashir and Rabie Afoui also featured during the course.

“At QFA we always look at ways of developing the game from grassroots up. We provide full support for such endeavors,” he added.

“The AFC certificates that we award are important and must be earned the right way. I thank the attendees for their keen interest and spirited participation,” he added.

AFC lecturer Jalil thanked QFA for organizing a ‘perfect course’ and for ‘addressing the issues the right way for a participant’s maximum growth’.

Al-Basheer also spoke on the occasion, saying: “QFA is moving in the right direction with regards to the game’s development. I feel good having featured in this workshop.’

Certificates and gifts were distributed among the participants at the end of the ceremony.

The AFC ‘A’ Coaching Certificate course is for people who hold both the ‘C’ and ‘B’ Coaching Certificates. Selection of participants is based only on the recommendation of instructors.