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Doha: The Qatar Football Association (QFA) celebrated today the International Volunteer Day which falls on December 5 by honoring a selection of volunteers who previously took part in QFA’s matches and tournaments, and volunteered the most number of times.

The International Volunteer Day highlights the important role the volunteers have in making QFA’s matches and tournaments successful and celebrating this day is a unique opportunity for volunteers and QFA to celebrate their joint efforts, shared values, and strengthen their cooperation.

The QFA honored some of the volunteers who have contributed significantly to the success of the tournaments organised previously by the QFA such as the last Emir Cup which was held in the renowned Khalifa International Stadium, and international matches such as the Supercoppa TIM Doha 2016.

The QFA recognises the importance of the volunteers’ participation and this celebration is in line with QFA’s 2021 vision in which the QFA is constantly working towards motivating and encouraging all sectors of the community to participate in the world’s most popular game whether it’s by playing, or volunteering in its’ sports events and tournaments.”

Khalid Al Kuwari, Director of Marketing and Communications of the Qatar Football Association (QFA) said: “There is no doubt that the Qatar Football Association’s celebration of the International Volunteer Day showcases the QFA’s appreciation of the volunteers’ role in contributing to the success of any sporting event which we organise.

Celebrating this important day and honouring some of the volunteers falls under our social responsibility strategy and aims to show them that they are an integral part of our events.”

He added: “We have developed an integrated plan in which we can benefit from the volunteers in the organisation of any future sporting event which is in coordination with the local entities that specialise in this field such as Qatar Volunteers Center, and Reach Out To Asia.

Speaking about the launch of the volunteers programmed, Al Kuwair said: “We have created an entire volunteers database of male and female Qataris and residents who will benefit from the volunteers program we named “Fakhr”. The word “Fakhr” in Arabic translates to “Pride” in English and is designed to ensure a constant communication is present with the volunteers and ensure that volunteers are recognised for their efforts and contribution. This database will allow us to contact the volunteers for future tournaments. The reason we named the program “Fakhr” is because we are proud of all the volunteers who have participated with us previously and gave their best to ensure the matches and tournaments were organised to the highest standards. Those volunteers highly contribute to the successful delivery of our sports events and this gives us a sense of pride to be working with them.”

The volunteers praised the QFA’s gesture to honour their hard work and stressed that this move will encourage more volunteers to take part in QFA’s future matches and tournament.

International Volunteer Day is an annual celebration held on December 5, and has been mandated by the UN General Assembly in 1985. The aim of this day is to thank volunteers for their efforts as well as raising public awareness about their outstanding contribution to society.