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24.09.2013 15:01 in :

DOHA: As a tribute to the support offered by the Asian communities in the country, Qatar Football Association (QFA) on Monday organised an honorary dinner at Grand Wyndham Regency.

This dinner celebrated the relationship QFA has developed with the Asian community.

The dinner started with a speech by QFA Director of Marketing and Communications, Khalid Al Kuwari, followed by a speech delivered by Fazlur Rehman, Singaporean Community Leader.

A presentation was given to discuss potential events and tournaments that both QFA and the Asian communities can collaborate on in the future.

Certificates of appreciation were distributed amongst the community leaders that participated and helped organized the first “Asian Communities Football Tournament” which kick-started last year’s sports season 2012/2013. The Indian, Nepalese, Singaporean, South Korean, Indonesian, Filipino, Malaysian, Chinese, and Japanese community leaders were present to discuss future events with QFA.

QFA is currently organising “Asia 2”, the second edition of the Asian Communities Football Tournament by collaborating with different community leaders.

Al Kuwar said: “We, at QFA, witnessed the passion Asian communities have for football when Qatar hosted the Asian Cup – 2011, therefore, we felt that it’s compulsory to work with such an active community that is constantly looking for ways to encourage the playing of football. We host many different activities with the Asian communities in Qatar, and examples include organising “Asia 1” football tournament that kick-started last sport season, as well as working with different Asian schools. We are excited about organising this year’s “Asia 2” football tournament and look forward to working on new projects.”

He added: “As part of QFA’s vision to involve the community in its activities and tournaments, “Asia 2” is another example that demonstrates QFA’s efforts to organise football tournaments for the communities residing in Qatar.”

Fazlur Bin Kamsani, the Singaporean community leader, said: “On behalf of the Asian communities attending this dinner, I’d like to thank QFA for organising this dinner that honours our involvement in the different events, matches and tournaments that QFA organises or collaborates with the Asian community on. “Asia 1” was organised during the time of the Emir Cup to celebrate this crucial football tournament.”

He added: “QFA has focused its efforts towards different communities in Qatar and specifically the Asian communities in developing community football, and for that we are thankful for their continued support.”

“Asia 1” which kick-started in sport season 2012/2013 witnessed the participation of 6 Asian teams which include: Indonesia PERSIQA (Indonesia Football Association in Qatar), Indonesia Al Khor, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, and Singapore. This year, 14 Asian communities are expected to participate in “Asia 2”.