QFA Invites All to Take Part in Its’ National Sports Day Activities

Doha:  The Qatar football family, which includes the Qatar Football Association (QFA), the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC) and the Qatar Stars League (QSL), are joining forces once again this National Sports Day on Tuesday February 13 and are set to organise a staff football tournament at Aspire which will see teams from the football family compete for the title in a fun and non-competitive environment.



The collaboration is an annual tradition which falls on the country’s National Sports Day and sees the employees of the three entities take part in promoting sports and healthy living through playing football.



The QFA will also be partnering with Qatar Shell this year by celebrating the National Sports Day through their award-winning corporate social responsibility programme “Koora Time”.



Additionally, the QFA will also organise activities and events at Al Quds Model School with the participation of a number of schools from around Qatar.



The QFA has completed its’ preparations for the National Sports Day this year by organising several events and activities in partnership with different local entities and organisations which QFA has been keen to take part in since the first National Sports Day in 2012.



Since the inauguration of the National Sports Day, football has become an essential tool in bringing people together and stimulating their enthusiasm for taking part in sports. National Sports Day will foster a sense of community amongst everyone taking part; create an opportunity for sports enthusiasts to meet new people, and raise awareness about the importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle which all are in line with the country’s 2030 vision and 2021 vision of the QFA.



QFA’s activities in Aspire will instill a culture of football within the community

The Qatar football family’s celebration of the country’s sports day is a commitment to all sporting events organised in the country where employees and their families are looking forward to enjoying a day of fun activities with their colleagues and family members.



The celebration demonstrates the commitment of the QFA to play an important role in promoting a healthy lifestyle among the community.
A lasting and fruitful partnership with Qatar Shell


The QFA will be partnering with Qatar Shell this year by celebrating the National Sports Day through their award-winning corporate social responsibility programme “Koora Time”.

The all-day event will offer visitors a variety of football activities, including a ‘head-to-head’ dribbling challenge, a ‘Dive and Save’ goalkeeping competition, a virtual reality goal keeper game, open play football, all day aerobics classes.



QFA will also organise a school-related event organised by Jerusalem Model School, which will see the participation of school students and promote the positive values of sports in general and football in particular. The event will be take place on Monday 12 February.



Collaborating with the education sector through organising a sports event at the school is an integral part of QFA’s interest in promoting football among the schools in Qatar. Schools play a big part of community-based events that are organised by QFA.



Ali Al Salat, Head of Media and Communications at the Qatar Football Association said: “The QFA’s celebration of the country’s sports day is a step in the right direction for the whole society to practice sport as a way of life and to spread this culture to all levels of society.”



He added: “There is no doubt that the idea of a national sports day also indicates the keenness of the wise leadership to promote the concept of sport for all. This is the direction of the nation as the Emiri Decree No. 80 of 2011 designated the second Tuesday of February of each year shall be a Sports Day for the State, when everyone is encouraged to participate in sporting activities with colleagues and family. This decision comes from His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, the Emir of Qatar, who always gives importance to sports in Qatar and allocated a sports day for the country in which citizens and residents participate in a wonderful experience which brings everyone together.”



He added: “This is a great opportunity for all of us to practice sports and contribute to our country’s commitment to encourage sports participation by attracting diverse segments of the community. Increasing participation in sports will contribute to bringing the community together and encourage people to improve their lives by ensuring a healthy future for current and future generations.”


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