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DOHA: The Qatar Football Association (QFA) on Thursday issued key directives on player recruitment for the new season. The directives has been issued to the clubs in the country.

1. In addition to the existing regulations, each club (first division and second division) can sign one player of Arab origin (holders of the nationality of an Arab country from the member states of the League of Arab States at the time of registration with QFA). Each new signing must be registered with QFA first.

2 – Each club is allowed the following number of players for any starting line-up before a match:

** Only 3 foreign professional players allowed each game.

** Only 1 Asian professional player each game.

** Only 1 professional player (holder of Arabic nationality) allowed each game.

** The above-mentioned players shall not occupy a goalkeeper’s position at any time of the match.

3 – Players will be allowed to appear in competitions which are held under the supervision of QFA and QSL.

4. The new directives will be reevaluated after the end of the sports season 2019-2020.