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18.11.2014 3:28 in :

DOHA: Qatar Football Association (QFA) President Sheikh Hamad bin
Khalifa bin Ahmed Al Thani on Monday honored a number of Qatari
referees in the presence of Massimo Busacca, head of FIFA Refereeing
Department, and Naji Jouni, QFA referees committee executive director.

The move comes in recognition of the recent achievements of several
Qatari referees including Abdullah Al Balushi who officiated the final
game of the recent Asian Games in Incheon.

The ceremony also honored referee Abdurrahman Abdo and assistant
referee Ramzan Al Ramzani who participated in the U-19 Asian Cup and
were set to officiate in the semifinals if it hadn’t been for the
Qatari team’s qualification to that phase and their eventual victory.

Fahad Jaber and Abdurrahman Al Jassim were also honored after being
chosen among candidate referees to take part in the 2018 World Cup.

QFA President lauded the efforts of QSL chief Hani Balan for his plans
to develop Qatari football.

Sheikh Hamad said QFA would continue to develop the game in Qatar and
the region. He added that ‘QFA will continue to recognize the efforts
of those who push the game forward in Qatar’.

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