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13.06.2022 2:18 in :

DOHA: Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa bin Ahmed Al Thani, President of the Qatar Football Association (QFA), on Sunday, met with Gianni Merlo, President of AIPS, in the presence of His Excellency Sheikh Faisal bin Ahmed Al Thani, Chairman of the Qatar Sports Media Committee (QSPC), and representatives of local media.

The reception took place on the sidelines of Doha’s hosting of the 4th edition of the AIPS Awards, which was held at Khalifa International Stadium in cooperation with the QSPC. 

The meeting on Sunday was also attended by members of the International and Asian Sports Press Federations.

During the reception on Sunday, topics of common interest were discussed as the two officials talked about the future of relations between the two parties, which would contribute to the development of bilateral relations between them. The officials also decided to include more areas that will have many fruitful results at all levels.

After the reception ceremony ended, the President hosted a lunch in honour of the attendees.

It is worth mentioning that the AIPS Sport Media Awards represents the largest gathering of sports journalists from different continents worldwide.