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DOHA: The General Assembly of the Qatar Football Association (QFA) on Monday re-elected President H E Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa bin Ahmed Al Thani for another four-year term that will end in 2022.

The QFA General Assembly also retained members Saud Al Mohannadi, Hani Ballan and Ahmed Abdulaziz Al Buanain.

Meanwhile, Sheikh Ahmed bin Hamad Al Thani, President of Al Ahli, was signed in as the new member of the Executive Committee along with Abdulrahman Majid Al Qahtani.

The QFA gathering took place at Sheraton Hotel in the presence of representatives from 17 QNB Stars League clubs.

Speaking at the beginning of the meeting, the QFA President said: “I thank the QFA family that has gathered here today. We welcome everyone at the meeting which was called to elect new office bearers and to discuss key football matters.”

He added: “The next four years are very important for QFA. Qatar will host the 2022 FIFA World Cup as well as other key football tournaments. We have to prepare strong teams at the junior and senior levels. Qatar’s junior team will feature at the 2019 FIFA U-20 World Cup in Poland next year.”

The QFA President said: “The QNB Stars League is producing good players and our clubs are getting stronger. I am sure we will get even better at the club football. Our player Abdulkarim Hassan won the AFC Player of the Year award which is a great achievement. Next year Qatar will feature in Copa America. We are looking forward to an exciting time for football in this country.”

Key football matters will be discussed in the coming weeks and months with presidents of club under a committee that will be chaired by Sheikh Ahmed bin Hamad, it was revealed.

The QFA President underlined the importance of attracting fans to the venues to watch football matches during a regular season. He stressed overall the game of football remained healthy in Qatar.

The minutes of the previous General Assembly were also discussed in detail.

In the coming days and weeks, QFA will discuss the development of U-23 League with the Ministry of Culture and Sports. Reports from the previous season were also discussed in detail during the General Assembly on Monday. Officials said budgetary matters were also debated on Monday.

Chairman of the Electoral Commission Abdullah Hamed Mulla also spoke during the General Assembly.

The top vote was received by Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa bin Ahmed Al-Thani, who received 17 votes and won the presidency.

A total of 17 members voted while one abstained. Ibrahim Khalil Al-Muhannadi received 15 votes, Ahmed bin Hamad Al-Thani 16, Ahmed Abdulaziz 16, Saud Al-Mohannadi 16 and Hani Talib Ballan 16.

Matters relating to poor player behaviour across all leagues also came up for discussion. President of Qatar Sports Club Sheikh Jassim bin Hamad bin Nasser Al Thani called for the provision of a sports psychologist to assist the players who exhibit poor behaviour on or off the field.

At the end of the General Assembly, the QFA President on Monday thanked the clubs ‘for the great support of federation for helping develop the game on professional lines.’ The QFA chief hoped the new members would ‘create exciting opportunities to take the game forward in Qatar.’ He thanked the out-going officials for their ‘meritorious services’.

The QFA made a special mention of thanking the media for their ‘high contribution in taking football to every home in the country’.

The QFA President wished Al Mohannadi success in his bid to become the AFC President.

For his part, Al Mohannadi thanked the clubs for their support and thanked the QFA President for his leadership.