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22.03.2016 23:23 in :

DOHA: Qatar Football Association president Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa

bin Ahmed Al Thani was present as coach Daniel Carreno finalized

Qatar’s preparations for Thursday’s 2018 World Cup qualifier/ 2019

Asian Cup joint qualifier against visitors Hong Kong.

In the training session held at Jassim bin Hamad Stadium; QFA chief

stressed the significance of the match as he was briefed on the squad’s

condition by Carreno and team manager Fareed Mahboub.

In the first qualifying clash played at Mongkok Stadium on September

8, 2015, visiting Qatar side beat Hong Kong 3-2 to pick up crucial

points in the Group C.

Qatar, coached by Daniel Carreno, is unbeaten in six matches in Group

C, beating Maldives, Bhutan, Hong Kong and China P R over the course

of last nine months.

Squad: Claude Amin, Saad Abdullah Al Sheeb, Umar Bari, Khalifa Abu Bakr,

Mohammed Kasola, Bualem Khoukhi, Ahmed Yasser, Abdulrehman Isa, Pedro

Miguel, Mohammed Musa, Musab Khidr, Abdulkareem Hassan, Khalid Muftah,

Kareem Buodiaf, Luiz Martin, Abdulrehman Mohammed, Abdulaziz Hatem,

Hassan Khalid, Ali Asad, Rodrigo Tabata, Akram Afif, Majid Mohammed,

Sebastian Soria, Mohammed Muntari, Meshael Abdullah, Ismael Mohammed

and Ahmed Alaa’.

Coach: Daniel Carreno