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DOHA: During a press briefing held in Radisson Blu Hotel on Tuesday,
Qatar Lubricants Company (QALCO) officially announced the launch of
the Qualifying rounds for The Football Five’s World Championship
(F5WC) in Qatar.

The Football Five’s World Championship (F5WC) brings together a global
initiative to select talented amateur football players through
regional 5-a-side qualifying rounds to then compete in the Dubai 2014

The tournament aims to find undiscovered talent, showcased in Dubai
and gives a platform for professional football clubs to scout and sign
this talent.

The qualifying rounds for the amateur football championship, sponsored
by QALCO, aims to discover aspiring male footballers over 16 years who
are not professionally registered with any football club in Qatar.

The tournament is being managed by Legacy Sports & Events/DUPLAYS Doha.

Supported by the Qatar Football Association (QFA) as the official
venue provider, the QFA will also provide official referees for the
tournament to ensure the Laws of the Game are enforced during the
course of all matches.

QFA’s support for this tournament demonstrates QFA’s social
responsibility vision to spread the game of football amongst the
community along with the positive values it brings to the people. QFA
constantly focuses and targets different age groups in the community
by introducing and supporting different football-related initiatives
and tournaments, thus, creating a football-loving nation.

Present at the Press Conference were Mr. Fawad Rana, Managing Director
– Qatar Lubricants, Mr. Khalid Al Kuwari, Director of Marketing and
Communications – QFA, Mr. Hamad Al Amari, Managing Partner – Legacy
Sports & Events/Duplays Doha and Mr. Carl Windley, Co-Founder – Legacy
Sports & Events and official spokesperson for the F5WC Qatar
Qualifiers. The ceremony was also attended by other senior officials
from the QFA, QALCO and Legacy Sports & Events.

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During the briefing, Mr. Khalid Al Kuwari, Director of Marketing and
Communications for QFA said: “The F5WC is designed to provide a
structured platform for aspiring football players and gives an
opportunity to tap into a vast pool of budding football talent that is
found in this country. As the Qatari football’s governing body, one of
our main objectives is to have a direct positive impact on the
popularity and development of the game in the country and allow it to
continue to grow through our contribution and support to various
amateur and community leagues.”

Local qualifying rounds in Qatar will be held on Fridays & Saturdays
in April and May 2014. There will be group stage tournaments, in which
the winning teams will proceed from the pre-qualifying stage to the
Qatar Finals.

A total of 32 teams will be competing on the Finals Day that will be
held on Friday, 23rd May 2014. The victorious team will win an
all-expenses paid trip to Dubai including 3 nights stay at the
Marriott Hotel from the 12 – 14 of June 2014, while competing against
31 other countries at the Dubai World Trade Centre.