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DOHA: The Referees Committee of the Qatar Football Association (QFA)
has begun a key lecture series aimed at improving refereeing at local
and international levels, it emerged on Saturday.

The Referees Committee which kicked off a series of discussions will
remain in meeting until January 7, officials said.

Further discussions will revolve around teaching new techniques in
match officiating, a QFA official pointed out.

A number of videos will also be played to study certain situations
during high profile matches, the official added.

Theory tests for those featuring in referees’ course will be held in
England at the end of the season, details have revealed.

A football delegation from Libya is also part of the seven-day lecture series.

The attendees included:
1 – FIFA representative Manuel Navarro
2 – International fitness lecturer John Baptiste
3 – Development Manager Carlo Bertolini .
4 – Lecturer Martin Easley
5 – Lecturer and psychologist Dr Abdel Fattah