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DOHA: President of the Qatar Football Association (QFA) Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa bin Ahmed Al-Thani has expressed his full support for lifting of bans on football stadiums in all cities of Iraq.

This statement comes after the visit by the Iraqi Minister of Sports and Youth and the President of the Iraqi Football Association to Doha. During their visit, the Iraqi delgation also met with many Qatari sports leaders.

The QFA President confirmed that he would head an official delegation to visit Iraq in the near future to meet with officials there and coordinate joint efforts in order to reach the desired goal.

The QFA will also ask FIFA to allow Qatar national team to play a friendly match with the Iraqi team in the very near future and to stage the match in Baghdad.

He added that the QFA has announced its readiness to support the growth of the game in Iraq where football passion is found across the country. QFA is also keen to assist it’s Iraqi football counterparts in hosting soccer tournaments.

It has been announced that QFA is also keen to help Iraq football authorities to stage a tournament in March with teams from Syria,  Kuwait and Qatar besides the hosts.