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DOHA: Qatar Football Association and The LOOK Company are pleased to announce that the Branding Agreement of the past two seasons will be renewing for an additional two seasons, with a particular emphasis on visibility at all local and community tournaments.

By renewing the contract, QFA and The LOOK Company have once again confirmed their existing strong partnership and their willingness to continue building on this significant relationship.

Attending the signing ceremony were Khalid Al Kuwari, COO of QFA, and Jacob Burke, General Manager of the LOOK Company.

Khalid Al Kuwari, COO, QFA commented: “It is without a doubt that this partnership with The LOOK Company is of added value to QFA, as The LOOK Company is a leading branding company in Qatar and will be the Branding Partner that supports QFA’s branding efforts and increases the brand awareness locally, and regionally. We are very pleased that The LOOK Company will produces all of QFA’s indoor and outdoor branding for the next two seasons”.


Mr. Kuwari added: “The benefit to the QFA within this Partnership is that The LOOK Company recycles the stadium and outdoor branding materials to preserve the environment and re-uses them to produce backpacks, clothes, multipurpose bags. We look forward to working with The LOOK Company for the next 2 seasons and look forward to benefiting from their creativity such as this Recycling program which aligns with QFA’s main corporate values.”

Jacob Burke, General Manager of The LOOK Company said: “It is with great pleasure we will have the opportunity to work with the QFA for another two seasons as the exclusive Branding Partner. The whole Look Company team look forward to working with the QFA team to expand the Brand image of Football in Qatar and the State of Qatar’s Football image internationally”.