QFA underlines need to follow rules

DOHA: The Qatar Football Association (QFA) has urged clubs in the country to strictly follow rules and regulations on player salaries.


The QFA has issued Circular No. 160 of 2018 regarding non-circumvention of the laws and regulations on player salaries.


QFA noted that a number of players, clubs and agents have circumvented the laws and regulations regarding salaries.


“Recently, a number of players, clubs and intermediaries (agents of the players) have circumvented the rules and regulations set by the Qatar Football Association,” QFA said in a statement.


The statement added: “Based on the above, the Qatar Football Association wishes to remind the clubs, players and agents to once again know the importance of full and complete compliance with all laws and regulations. QFA will not accept any conduct that violates these laws and regulations or jeopardizes them.”


It further explained that if QFA or QSL rules are not followed, the such acts will deemed as fraud that could be punished by QFA punitive body.


“In the event of any violation by any of the parties mentioned above, the matter will be referred to the Disciplinary Committee of the Qatar Football Association to study the matter and take the appropriate decision,” the statement concluded.

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