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16.06.2016 6:29 in :

DOHA: The Development Department at Qatar Football Association (QFA) has distributed Course C and D certificates among coaches who featured in a special workshop.

The training sessions at the workshop were well attended, details showed on Monday.

Fahad Thani, the new Director of Football Development, attended the sessions along with Yusuf Ahmed. The two later distributed the certificates.

The workshop was held from May 28 to June 12. It was a joint effort between QFA and AFC, the Asian ruling body.

A total of 24 coaches featured in the sessions.

Among those who attended the sessions included Jamal Al-Bader and Fahad Fakhroo.

Fahad Thani congratulated the certificate recipients saying QFA would continue to hold more workshops to develop the sport at all levels.

He said QFA remained committed to taking the game forward in collaboration with AFC.

He praised the commitment shown by the coaches and added such workshops helped launch successful careers in football management.

Fahad Thani hoped to see greater attendance at future workshops.