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29.08.2015 17:03 in :

DOHA: Qatar’s convincing win over Singapore on Friday has delighted
coach Daniel Carreno who said his team was ready for World Cup
qualifying game against Bhutan next week.

Qatar scored four goals as Singapore failed to open their account at
Jassim Bin Hamad Stadium on Friday evening.

“Technically we played a good game,” Carreno said on Saturday. “The
performance level of our players and their intensity was pleasing to
see,” the Uruguayan said.

“We succeeded in exploiting the chances that came our way. So in a way
that’s good because when you put pressure on the opposition, you
create chances to score and you must grab those chances,” he

“I must say the score looks as if it was an easy game. It was not an
easy game,” he said. “They are a strong side in defense,” he said.

“What I saw positive in our side that we remained on the offensive for
most part of the game,” he said.

Qatar take on Bhutan at the same venue on September 3 followed by a
game against Hong Kong in an away clash on September 8.

“This win has helped us cover our bases as we get ready to play Bhutan
and Hong Kong,” he said.

On striker Senastian Soria and Bualem Khouky’s return to the national
side,” Carreno said: “I have been following these two players and I am
keeping an eye on their fitness. If fully fit Sebastian offers us
experience at the front.”