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DOHA: Victorious Qatar squad will leave for China on Sunday, Qatar
Football Association (QFA) announced on Saturday.

Qatar take on China on March 29 in their final 2018 FIFA World Cup
qualifying game.

On Thursday, Qatar – coached by Daniel Carreno – crushed Hong Kong 2-0
to remain unbeaten seven matches in their qualifying campaign so far.

Key players like Hassan Al Haydos, Ali Asad and Sebastian Soria will miss the
trip since the triopicked up yellow cards on Thursday. Others who won’t
make the trip includeAhmed Yassir and Khalifa Abu Bakr.

Carreno headed a light team training team session on Friday.

After the game on March 29, Qatar players will disperse for Qatar
Stars League (QSL) games before returning for training in May.

Squad: Saad Abdullah Al Sheeb, Mohammed Kasola,, Ismael Mohammed
Bualem Khoukhi, Abdulrehman Isa, Pedro Miguel, Mohammed Omar Bari,
Musa, Musab Khidr, Abdulkareem Hassan, Khalid Muftah, Kareem Buodiaf,
Luiz Martin, Abdulrehman Mohammed, Abdulaziz Hatem, Hassan Khalid,
Rodrigo Tabata, Akram Afif, Majid Mohammed, Mohammed Muntari,
Meshael Abdullah and Ahmed Alaa’.

Coach: Daniel Carreno