Our vision is to become a pioneering football association, known for creativity and winning.


The Qatar Football Association, as the governing body of football in Qatar, is committed to:

  • Promoting and expanding the football fan base by engaging with the local community.
  • Facilitating the improvement of the football infrastructure and creating a culture of professionalism for the game through its premier professional league – Qatar Stars League.
  • Identifying, developing and harnessing young talent to create a pool that feeds into the national teams



The QFA is working with its corporate partners to streamline all matters relating to the game in Qatar.

Pursuit of excellence

Pursuit of excellence is number one priority for QFA. The QFA has set goals and targets (short-term and long-term) to keep things on the right path.

Transparency and mutual trust

QFA adheres to its vision of transparency and mutual trust with corporate partners at all levels.

Cooperation and collaboration

As a football team, we are stronger and more capable of winning once we are united through team-work and collective efforts.

Winning culture

The football ruling authority believes in preserving its tagline ‘playing to win’.


We think and work creatively, breaching all traditional boundaries that limit our ability to ascend, creativity at all levels – especially at the administration level – is key to QFA’s success. QFA believes in thinking outside the box.