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25.03.2016 0:57 in :

DOHA: Qatar coach Daniel Carreno on Thursday praised the performance
of his players, saying he got to see a ‘a good level of football’.

On Thursday, Qatar beat Hong Kong 2-0 at Jassim Bin Hamad Stadium.

“We achieved consistency in our attacks. We saw a good level of
football,” Carreno said on Thursday.

“The early goal got us going. It helped us calm down. That’s when we
started controlling the game,” Carreno said.

“We got three more points. It was our seventh successive win. We
didn’t concede any goals today,” he added.

“We need the same discipline against China also. It will be a tough
game. We should do well,” he said.

“Right now we have a great atmosphere in the change room and that is
great,” he said.

Carreno said he can’t reveal the squad for the China clash as he was
awaiting on the medical report from his backroom staff.

Qatar coach said his team will only focus on China game and not think
about summer training matches like the one against Albania in May.